An important theoretical result of statistics and Machine Learning is the fact that a model’s generalization error can be expressed as the sum of three very different errors:


This part of the generalization error is due to wrong assumptions, such as assuming that the data is linear when it is…

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Insufficient Quantity of Training Data

For a toddler to learn what an apple is, all it takes is for you to point to an apple and say “apple” (possibly repeating this procedure a few times). Now the child is able to recognize apples in all sorts of colors and shapes. Genius. Machine Learning is not…

Now that you’ve learned many ways of selecting data and are starting to do SELECTs across multiple tables, it's a good time to talk about the efficiency of your SQL queries - how quickly do they execute, and could they execute faster?

SQL is a declarative language — each query…

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Just with this simple data set of exercise logs, we’ve managed to come up with many different and useful queries. Now I want to take a break from querying to talk about who would usually be doing all this querying, and for what purpose.

Let’s imagine that we have an…

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SQL can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a dangerous thing. If you’re using SQL to access a database for an app that’s used by hundreds or thousands or even millions of users, you need to be careful — because you could accidentally damage or erase all…

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You are using the interviewer’s time. Don’t make this a boring meeting. Bring the energy and have a two way conversation with them. They don’t want to be sitting with a scared interviewer that is low energy and can’t hold a conversation without questions.

Prepare a final closing argument. Most…

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It is a Menu Driven program for binary search tree ( BST). It is helpful for College Student’s Assignment. This C Program constructs a binary search tree and performs the deletion, inorder traversal on it.

Key point:-

(1) there is C implementation of BST menu Driven Program

(2) I use the iterative Approach for Inorder/ Preorder/Postorder Traversal.

(3) In Postorder Implementation instead of Two Stack I use a Single Stack.

Let me show how it works in the main function you will be asked for your choice for the desired operation. one you hit the choice you will be asked to insert or delete or Inorder/ Preorder/Postorder Traversal. The C program is successfully compiled and run on a Linux system.

The program output is also shown below.

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